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Dive training

The specialty of the Geneva Ocean Academy is to train you in diving before going to sea.


Are you planning your next vacations with the desire to dive but you don't want to waste time there?


At GOA we carry out together, at your own pace the preparation for level 1 diving, more commonly known as the "Open Water Diver". We are an SSI (Scuba schools international) centre and use their high standards as the basis of our training.


The training takes place by performing all the exercises in the pool and following the associated theoretical training by carrying out, at the end, the final exam. You will then receive the necessary diploma and finalize your level 1, allowing you to jump directly into the sea as soon as you arrive in the sun.


Practical lessons take place on Sundays at 4 p.m. at a swimming pool in Geneva. Depending on your schedule and your personal constraints, we will organize two or three sessions in the pool. Additional sessions can be done depending on your progress. In the company of your GOA SSI instructor, you will learn the fundamentals of scuba diving, the preparation and use of your equipment and you will have completed your first dive in a safe environment.


By validating the final exam, you will receive a "Referral Diver" diploma which will allow you to dive in any SSI centre in the world. You will also complete your first level of diving by performing the exercises done in a swimming pool at sea and thus become, officially, an "Open Water Diver". A confirmed, competent and responsible diver.

Price: 500 CHF

This includes:


- Digital training material

- Two practical training sessions

in the pool with all equipment included

- A theoretical course in the classroom

- A final theoretical exam

- An internationally recognized diploma.

What next?


The advantage of doing your training with GOA is that depending on your intended travel location, a personalized marine ecology course can be integrated into your theory course. You will find more information on our different specialties by visiting: Marine Ecologie



Please do not hesitate to contact us to recommend a partner centre depending upon your travel destination. Indeed, with the strength of its experience, GOA has built an important network around the world with centres ready to welcome you and allow you to discover the wonders of the underwater world while respecting GOA quality standards.

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