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In a changing environment, there is no greater risk than standing still

(C. Chirac)

Discover the marine world with Geneva Ocean Academy

Are you planning to go to the sea and are you interested in discovering a world that is unknown to you? Have you always wanted to try scuba diving but you are apprehensive or concerned about not having the time to train on site?

Extend your vacation by starting your first level of diving at home and benefit from progressing at your own pace, in your own language and train to dive thanks to the Geneva Ocean Academy, an SSI (Scuba Schools International) Training Centre.


Prochaines Expeditions

Mer Rouge Sud (avancés)
Mer Rouge Nord (débutants)

Possibilité de compléter des formations durant les expéditions, sur demande. Veuillez nous en faire la demande via formulaire de contact.

Marine Ecology

The oceans are a large, dynamic and integral part of our world. Even with our modern technology and engineering capabilities, we have only explored about 5% of the world's oceans.

Marine ecology courses are for anyone interested in better understanding marine life, whether you are a scuba diver or a snorkeler. You can learn more about the different corals that dot our oceans, the different families of fish or even overcome your fear of sharks by discovering a very important animal in the ocean ecosystem.
The Geneva Ocean Academy offers you a variety of courses to perfect your knowledge and go on vacation with peace of mind.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.



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