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Welcome to the Geneva Ocean Academy!

We are a diving school and a training centre specializing in marine ecology.


In Switzerland we are cut off from the sea, however, we are all connected to the ocean in several ways. In fact, over 75% of the oxygen we breathe comes from ocean plankton. The marine world is very rich but still so little is known.


Our main mission is therefore to initiate and immerse you in the riches of the sea and to train you in scuba diving. You will not only learn how to breathe and be comfortable underwater, but also to understand your place in this marine world around you and how to protect it.


Indeed, our goal is also to make you aware of the current situation of our oceans and to share with you the wonders of the marine world. This is why with our marine ecology courses, you will be able to deepen your knowledge or specialize in one of our 6 courses offered. You will learn how turtles reproduce, how sharks hunt, how to recognize all these multicolored fish that swim in front of you and what will make you a responsible diver.


The specialty of the Geneva Ocean Academy is the so-called “referral diver” diving training which will give you access to all the oceans of the earth. We carry out all our theoretical classes in the classroom and our practical classes in the swimming pool in Geneva. This approach guarantees the quality of the lessons given and saves you time on your vacation. Upon your arrival you will be able to jump into the sea and discover a new way of breathing underwater.

We have partnered up with a diving centre in Geneva, Mora Mora, which supports us with the diving equipment. If you want to advance your diving career we encourage you to continue your lake training with them for higher diving levels.


Thank you in advance for your interest in our centre and for trusting us to support you in your learning and we look forward to seeing you underwater.

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